10th Apr 2017, 19:22

Original poster here. Grand Am now has over 264,000km. The only things I have done recently in regards to repairs was change the alternator, new springs/shocks/struts (all original) and had to be replaced a few months ago. No other issues with the car. The car is now starting to have very minor body rust. I am still driving it daily and plan to keep driving it until it's not worth repairing. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

2nd Nov 2017, 13:21

Original poster here. The car now has over 267,000 km. Only issue I had was the engine release lever cable has broken a few months ago. I had to remove the hood latch (it was seized), lubricate it like crazy and was able to install it back in the car and tie a shoestring around the latch and ran the shoestring through the grille. I now pull on a shoestring to pop open the hood. Hey, it saved me $120!

I did change back to halogen headlights a few years ago as HID lights are too much of a headache (especially when the bulb or ballast fails). Halogens are cheap to replace and can be purchased at any car store.

The car is still running fine. No other issues to report. This car is onto my 2nd wife and is transporting my first kid (1 year old). Damn, I can't believe I've had it for over 14 years now. I'm getting old! (35 years old).

11th Jul 2018, 20:08

Update on the car. It's now 15 model year old, over 275,000km.

Nothing new to report. The car is still running without any new issues. Still being driven daily.

13th Jul 2018, 03:20

Still doing maintenance on a shoestring budget?

13th Jul 2018, 21:52

I'd like to know where he got a quote for installed tire pressure sensors at 400 each. That’s twice the norm. Sometimes I hate them as well. Batteries go dead way before I need tires on my lightly driven new cars. Then you have to pull wheels, dismount, reinstall and pay to relearn your TPS. Some go off with minor tire pressure deviation. The cheaper cars only tell you one of the 4 tires is low pressure. Not which one it is. I’d rather simply use my hand held digital tire gauge. HID headlights are another ridiculous expense.