1995 Vauxhall Calibra SE6 2.0 8v from UK and Ireland


Old school cool


Nothing yet, but being a 8v means a bomb proof engine... Easy D.I.Y maintenance... MOT needed 3 tires!!!

General Comments:

Great car.

Becoming rare now, with dedicated owners clubs that can save you lots of cash when running a 16 year old car.

Stunning sleek looks.

Low insurance (classic car).

Better comfort long distance than our 12 plate 1.6 Ford Focus.

Huge boot space.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2013

9th Apr 2018, 21:15

These were good cars. The problem was though, the faster, more complicated 16v 2.0 or the V6 were not quite as reliable, which is a shame really as those engines gave this car the performance its looks suggested.

This cars main rival, the Ford Probe, had basically the same problem, and did not sell too well.

Hope you're still enjoying your 2.0 8v, performance aside. Still makes a good looking car to cruise about in. Wish they would resurrect some of these 1990s sleek coupes in 2018!

1995 Vauxhall Calibra 16V 2L from UK and Ireland


Although she's cost me a small fortune, she is an eye catching beauty


Cam Belt and Idlers needed changing.

Washer bottle constantly leaks.

Sump Gasket needs replacing.

Central Locking plays up.

Brake pipes and pads have been replaced, still not as good as expected.

General Comments:

Car is very very comfortable.

Leather interior is fantastic.

Car handles very well, and is very fast.

Not as expensive on fuel or insurance as first predicted.

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Review Date: 18th October, 2005

1995 Vauxhall Calibra 8v 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Worth waiting for!


Although very very tidy, it will need the rust in bonnet fixed, along with door seams, and very minor arch rust taken out within 12 months to avoid this repair job escalating.

Temp sensor and oil pressure sensor misbehave regularly.

Nothing mechanical.

General Comments:

Fantastic road grip (Toyos 15 inch on rear wheels)

Leather seats a get little uncomfortable on journeys over 200 miles, but the heated option has done wonders for my Mums crook back

Looks fantastic.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2005

1995 Vauxhall Calibra 8v SE4 2.0 8v from UK and Ireland


A reliable, comfortable, cruiser


No problems at all.

General Comments:

I had always wanted a Calibra and when I eventually purchased one I wasn't disappointed.

The 8v engine is the least powerful of the range statistically, but it's by no means a "slow" car, the torque is all low down in the revs resulting in effortless driving and not having to thrash the nuts off it all the time.

Reliability has been fantastic. People say the 8v engine is bulletproof and it really is. It just keeps going, and I can see it going for many years to come, even though it's already on 130,000.

Fuel consumption is pretty good, with about 34mpg mixed.

Cream leather is wearing on the drivers seat, but not too badly.

One big complaint shared by a number of Calibra owners... the headlights. Very poor indeed. It's down to a wiring limitation and the voltage drops quite a bit when measured at the battery and then at the bulbs themselves. Consequently, "higher power" bulbs don't really do much.

I've been let down and very disappointed with the main dealer. So much so that all the servicing I now do myself so I at least know it's being done. I wouldn't trust them at all. This can't be said for all Vauxhall main dealers though, there's bound to be some decent ones out there! :)

All in all though, the Calibra is now very reasonably priced and well worth a look in.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2003

25th Feb 2004, 11:03

I agree with you.

I myself have a 96 N reg Calibra, and love it.

It now looks the biz.

But I have one problem, and maybe you can help me or anyone else?

My temperature gauge doesn't seem to be working at all, and also the digital display on the middle of dash is not as well.

The clock is working OK, so the electrics to that point are fine, but the temp only says ----C?

Why is this, and how can I check where the problem is?

Is it maybe that the wire on the engine head is falling off or faulty! Please help me.



30th Sep 2005, 06:02

In order to find the temperature sensor...

It is located on the underside of the front bumper on the passenger side of the car - if you look you will see a little plastic 'nipple' - this is where the sensor clips to the bumper. If there is nothing there - there should still be a little hole where it would normally be placed. If its not there - then that's a good point to start from!

I have a driveway at quite a steep camber - when I am unlucky, I sometimes scrape the underside of my front bumper (only lightly) - I have known this to pop the sensor out of the socket (as the plastic 'nipple' protrudes through) - and have found it dangling from behind the bumper (you'll only notice if you look at the front of the car from a bit of a distance - or get eye level with the ground!!!)

I have been lucky not to damage it - and tend to just pop it back in - Good luck if your problem is more than this - If there is no reading in the car - maybe because it has been ripped off the wires or something - a new one will need to be sourced and wired in - Breakers yard would do the trick me thinks!!!

11th Oct 2005, 07:27

All Vauxhalls have that problem with the Temp gauge.